Butter Biscuits "Coco"

Butter Biscuits "Coco"

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Description Butter Biscuits "Coco"

Butter biscuits with coconut. The taste of butter biscuit together with the aroma and taste of coconut make an incredible combination for true connoisseurs of baked goods.

We produce biscuits on the leading equipment, which ensures their high quality. In the production of biscuits only natural ingredients and no preservatives are used.

The biscuits are packed in corrugated boxes 2.5 kg in each. This packadging is very strong due to a multilayer cardboard that is used in it. And, most importantly, you can see the biscuits of Laska Bakery even if they are tightly packed in a box. The secret is the polyolefin film which covers the front side of the box. This material, as well as corrugated box itself, is absolutely harmless and safe for food packaging. It also has a high resistance to tearing and punctures.

You can buy biscuits by calling the phone number listed in the contact information of Laska Bakery. We guarantee you the highest level of service, excellent price and fast delivery!

Biscuits of Laska Bakery: the quality of taste which impresses not only the Ukrainian buyer!

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